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PDM - Prerequisites to Effective Demand & Inventory Planning

Topic: Commitment, Culture, Communication and Trust: Prerequisites to Effective Demand & Inventory Planning


Presenter: Philip Conlon, Keurig Green Mountain, Senior Director of Demand Planning


The journey to a holistic and effective demand and inventory planning process requires more than sophisticated systems and advanced tools.  Little progress can be made in demand and inventory planning without commitment from executive leadership, a culture of collaboration, communication, continuous improvement and most of all trust.  Leading change in this area requires a solid strategy supported by executive leadership, organizational commitment to the process, education, and mentor-ship.  A thorough understanding of the financial benefits of success and implications of failure in this area keeps stakeholders engaged.


This talk will review the journey of one company in a high growth omni-channel business environment and demonstrate how the power of cross functional leadership and commitment to the demand and inventory planning process can deliver marked improvement in forecast accuracy, financial and customer service performance.


Phil Conlon has been leading operations, supply and demand planning teams for more than 25 years at leading companies like Duracell, Clairol, and Kraft Foods. Currently he leads the demand planning function at Keurig Green Mountain.  Phil received a BA in Industrial Management from Western Connecticut State University and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 


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