Board of Directors

FY19-20 Meeting Schedule 

Contact [email protected] for details

Upcoming board meetings:

January 22, 2020       6:30 pm             Conference call 

February 26, 2020     6:30 pm             Conference call

March 25, 2020          6:30 pm             Conference call

April 29, 2020            6:30 pm             Conference call

May 27, 2020              6:30 pm            Conference call

June 24, 2020             6:30 pm            Conference call

August 3, 2020           6:30 pm            Budget Meeting (Monday)

August  26, 2020        6:30 pm            Conference call

September 23, 2020   6:30 pm            Conference call

October 28, 2020        6:30 pm            Conference call

November 18, 2020    6:30 pm            Conference call

Is your company interested in

achieving and advancing world class supply chains?

enable supply chain growth, advance team skill sets, beat the competition

If you have someone inside your company that handles supply chain development, have them

Contact our APICS Massachusetts Minuteman Chapter Company Coordinator:

[email protected]



Robert Bruce Murphy
[email protected]
dan mccarthy
Executive VP
[email protected]
James Martin
VP, Finance (Treasurer)
[email protected]
James Martin
VP, Membership
[email protected]
Keith Spodek
VP, Publicity and Communications
Curt B Cooprider
Assistant VP Finance
Victoria Brown
Director At Large
Robert Bruce Murphy
Past President
[email protected]