Stefanie Heiter Bio

Stefanie Heiter

Stefanie Heiter is the managing partner of the Bridging Distance LLC, a digital workplace solutions firm helping companies maximize the productivity of a global, distributed workforce. She is among the nation's leading thinkers in the human side of virtual work. She provides expertise in such areas as leadership and team development, for those located in the same place and virtually. Her efforts enable people to create productive relationships across distance, while pulling them out of the email and meeting insanity, giving them back valuable time and focus.

As a pioneer, Stefanie's research and consulting experience in dispersed international work, began 20 years ago, keeping her at the cutting-edge of this emerging field. Her clients include Sanofi, Microsoft, Walgreens, Baker Hughes, and Lockheed Martin, in addition to numerous others of varying size and industry. She enhances their ability to thrive in the digital workplace by enhancing performance at the intersection of technology and relationship building. Stefanie has authored numerous published articles in the area of virtual leadership, teams, and communications, and is a frequent speaker. She is currently finishing a book on Electronic Body Language. Over the years, she led the company in researching and creating a series of evidence-based models in Organizational Fitness, The Virtual Leader™, Virtual Team Fitness™, Electronic Body Language™, Telecommuter Fitness, Meeting-itis, Virtual Work Essentials, and Cross-Cultural Communications 3.0. These serve as the foundation for multiple assessments, workshops, and consulting processes.

Prior to her consulting role, Stefanie has held various leadership titles, including Vice President and Director in both corporate and non-profit organizations. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Clark University, and a Master of Science in Organization and Management from Antioch University, where her thesis focused on trust and communications in virtual teams.

When not at her client office locations, Stefanie works remotely from her home in Townsend, Massachusetts, but remains closely connected to her partners, distributors, clients and associates through technology. She also has 3 cats and 2 dogs, an endless numbers of mice who inhabit her 300 year old home, along with 4 ghosts.