Every day brings changes to YOUR supply chains.

APICS Massachusetts Minuteman Chapter is here to help you tame the chaos.

From strategic planning and execution, through tactical and into operational, we have the training and educational courses you and your supply chain professionals need to vanquish confusion and align to your strategy reliably for responsive and agile supply chain management.All course offerings are provided to you in both public and private course options. For our current education course listings, click here.

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APICS Globally Recognized Certifications

CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Control): 
Supply Chain within your 4 walls

Considered THE stalwart certification for operational aspects of your internal supply chain segments. Readily recognized throughout the world. Click here for upcoming CPIM events. 

CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional):  
Supply Chain extending outside your 4 walls

Globally recognized as THE certification for tactical management of supply chains. CLICK HERE for upcoming CSCP events.

CLTD (Certification in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution): Warehouse to customers

Upgraded and enhanced from the original AT&L certification, APICS brings you a concentrated certification for tactical managers and professionals in the delivery area of your company. CLICK HERE for upcoming CLTD events.

Strategic Framework 

SCOR-P (Supply Chain Operations Reference model): 

Align supply chain strategy to tactical & operational performance

End expediting, gain customers, deliver results

SCOR is THE framework that provides your businesses with modular, standardized supply chain processes and metrics. Aligns performance for rapid, reliable, agile, cost effective, efficient supply chain performance. Built in transparency and real time monitoring and control.

For supply chain professionals, management, and supporting professionals including IT, IS, and Finance. 

CLICK HERE for upcoming SCOR events.

Additional Courses and Workshops 

Round out your supply chain training with these unique offerings that can be easily customized to your supply chain and training needs.

S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning): 1-day workshop, planning and execution of S&OP

Principles and Practices of MRP for Planners and Buyers/Planners: 1-day workshop

CFSCM (Customer Focused Supply Chain Management): 1-day workshop

Principles of Operations Management (Principles): supply chain basics without the test

Often used to train supply chain personnel who do not need the full CPIM certification, but do need viable, solid supply chain training. 5 modules allow you to pick and choose what is most valuable for your supply chain needs at any time. Modules can also be grouped.

All training is provided by fully certified and highly experienced instructors who specialize in the areas being taught.

Private course can be provided during the workday, evenings, or on weekends.

Public courses can be seen here

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